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The three A's of Information

Most people can relate to the fact that access to information is vital for successful collaboration. Despite this, outdated systems without information sharing at its core are the industry standard with regards to production tools. But, access alone is not enough - both availability and assurance are of the essence.  

The cost of inadequate information sharing

Incomplete, outdated and irrelevant. There are a lot of ways to describe what"poor" information is, but they all lead to problems like annoyances, wasted time and increased workload in the organisation. To battle this, you need systems and routines geared towards sharing and collaboration. By facilitating distribution and usage of information on every level of the organisation, everyone can spend their time improving the outcome rather than figuring out what/where/who. 

The three A's

The number of plans and ideas does not determine the outcome - it is what and how much you can communicate to your organisation. Three qualities information needs to have are:


The least one must have. Without access to the information, it might as well not exist. 


The information needed to be both readily available and shared so that everyone can use it. If you "have it" through one of 3 Dropboxes, shared files on Google Drive, a few SharePoint-accounts and maybe some emails - then for all intents and purposes it is not available.


The system needs to assure information is correct and trustworthy. If it might be wrong, then access and availability add no value. False information is, in many situations, worse than no information. 

"We have a problem" - what next?

After acknowledging that there is a problem, you need to figure out exactly what you need to get done, and which of these problems the current solution does not address. Once you know this, you can start looking for a suitable solution, actually be fixing the problems you've got. 

We here at Crescat are making a platform tackling precisely these issues. If you want to know more, please contact us or sign up for the newsletter! The next post will be about what to keep in mind when obtaining new software. This post will also be announced through the newsletter. Stay tuned! 

Matteo is one of the founders of Crescat and has experience with producing concerts and conferences before Crescat. If you want to know more about him, look here

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