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The flow of information makes everything easier

Decisions should not be an individual process, and even if it is, the results should be shared. Throughout a production, decisions are made, and although they are not all equally important, the sum of them can be astronomical.

A concert, a conference or an event does not happen without efforts. Someone decides to carry it out at some point, and request others to take part of it.

The flow in a production

Before formally starting the collaboration, requests are sent out, terms agreed upon, and contracts signed. The struggles of cooperation, on the other hand, are far from over just because you have signed an agreement.

After the contract

A lot can happen between signing the contract and finishing the production. A great deal of information needs to be distributed along the way, often using analogue and/or internal systems. The workload from keeping everyone up to date can thus end up becoming very large, very fast. A usual solution to this is not sending any information out before the last possible moment. Postponement does reduce the need to "update" the production plan, but at the same time, it also leads to a weak base of information for many. Decisions are made without knowing the full truth and at the same time collaboration is next to impossible.

This creates an uncertain and tiresome atmosphere, which ultimately leads to stress in your everyday life. Small issues, like whether you will have time for a meal break or whether you can go to the bathroom, may sound like trivial problems. It can, though, be next to impossible to figure out, adding to the already tiresome atmosphere.

Things take time

And time costs money. Because of this, inadequate tools and systems can become very expensive very fast. As I wrote in the earlier article on the three A's of information, there are other things than just the flow of information that is important. But: Without access to the information, the quality becomes irrelevant to you! 

"We have a problem" - what next?

We here at Crescat are making a platform tackling, among others, these issues. The next post will be about how the size does matter when it comes to networks and externalities. If you want to know more, please contact us or sign up for the newsletter. Stay tuned!

Matteo is one of the founders of Crescat and has experience with producing concerts and conferences before Crescat. If you want to know more about him, look here.

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