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Five reasons for a collaboratory production system

Most companies do not have the know-how and capacity to do everything they need in their operations without help from others to do specific tasks. This can be a one-time event, like a commercial or a fire hazard drill, or more vital parts such as sound in a concert, conference or event.

Before you rent services from someone, ask yourself: Why do I need this service? What do I wish to accomplish? For most people, the reason is straightforward: to improve your product. Adding additional competencies and increased capacity, collaboration with others can drastically improve the experience for the audience. For a short period, multiple companies have to work together as one unit. To do this, one is dependent on efficient and excellent communication. How can that be obtained without sharing and cooperation? When you hire someone for their know-how, why should you not benefit from this in the planning process as well? Would it not then be better with a system that shares and distributes information automatically and naturally?

The Five reasons

why collaborating on the same production tool is essential.

1) Updated information

Never worry about "something happening" without your knowledge.

2) A single source of truth

Everyone knows where to find what they are looking for, no need to check Dropboxes, SharePoint accounts or e-mails.

3) Automatic sharing

Never spend your valuable time sharing something that inevitably will end up being outdated information.

4) No duplication of effort

With a single source of truth, version control and duplicates are a worry of the past.

5) Relevance of information

When you store everything in one system, the system can be tweaked to show what is relevant and keep everything else a click away. Out of sight out of mind.

Many consider collaboration only as a means to an end of increased production and improved productivity. But as both these are fulfilled, a third and even more critical gain is obtained: certainty and security. Without the extra workload and worrying that insufficient flow of information leads to, employees can focus on the customer. At Crescat we're sure that proper flow of information ensures an excellent working environment and ultimately also a better audience experience.

The next post will be about the flow of information and the importance of this. If you want to know more about our product, please contact us directly or sign up for the newsletter. Stay tuned!

Matteo is one of the founders of Crescat and has experience with producing concerts and conferences before Crescat. If you want to know more about him, go here

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