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A Silo vs. A Network

Working alone and by yourself can sometimes make sense, but that is far from the rule. As discussed in the earlier article; Five reasons for a collaboratory production system, working together can make all the difference in the world. An important reason for this is externalities, which we discussed in the article Network externalities. Today we will be talking about the opposite of this; working in an internal silo system.

Investopedia defines an information silo as “an information management system that is unable to freely communicate with other information management systems. Communication within an information silo is always vertical, making it difficult or impossible for the system to work with unrelated systems”. This makes sharing and collaborating in the production and development of plans next to impossible, as the system is not designed to do this. It might, to some extent, fulfil the personal tasks of the production leader (thereby the silo-phrase), but will not give a good base of information for decision-making in the rest of the production. 

This is where Crescat comes into play - with a network everyone can step into and partake. By allowing information to flow freely in the network, everyone can focus on increasing the quality of the product rather than moving information and doing version control.

How a Network Hub makes it easier

Whether or not you need to restrict access to information is often an easy question to answer, having to do with confidentiality. In most cases, it is not strictly necessary to limit access. But if you do not have a system that efficiently allows for sharing, the fact that you CAN do not automatically lead to you DOING so. It can be a question about the time and resources it takes to distribute it or merely the fact that the system does not support multiple users simultaneously.  This is where a hub for sharing and collaboration adds the most value. Collaboration should be both effortless and enjoyable - not a hassle you do as the hundred-and-first task of the day.

With a mission to improve the everyday life of everyone in live productions, such as concerts, conferences and events, Crescat offers a unique but intuitive value: it should be effortless and enjoyable to collaborate. If this sounds like something for you and your co-workers, band members or co-producers - contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will help you out!

The next entry on this blog will be about micromanaging, and how the right tool allows for better trust in the organisation!  

Matteo is one of the founders of Crescat and has experience with producing concerts and conferences before Crescat. If you want to know more about him, look here.

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