God struktur er nøkkelen til et vellykket arrangement. Som arrangør kan det være vanskelig å forutse alle potensielle fallgruver. Dette krever både erfaring og trening.

Basert på vår erfaring har vi derfor laget en liste med 5 tips for å hjelpe deg å lykkes med ditt arrangement. Disse tipsene er like relevante om du arrangerer konserter, eventer eller konferanser; hovedutfordringene er universelle!

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Micromanagement. Taste the word for a second. It's a word loaded with negative associations and bad experiences. Being called a 'micromanager' is rarely meant as a compliment, but still: It happens! The project might be important for a customer, or you just have a strong feeling about how to do it. I'm not here to judge you: I'm merely trying to present a solution.  To do so, you need to answer a few (semi-unpleasant) questions about yourself:

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A Silo vs. A Network

Working alone and by yourself can sometimes make sense, but that is far from the rule. As discussed in the earlier article; Five reasons for a collaboratory production system, working together can make all the difference in the world. An important reason for this is externalities, which we discussed in the article Network externalities. Today we will be talking about the opposite of this; working in an internal silo system.

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Network externalities

When the value a network constitutes for you depends on the number of users (e.g. the internet) it is said to possess network externalities. As the number of users increases, the value for every single user increases  - regardless of whether you connect to the new user or not. Systems for planning are no exception, where direct communication and direct connections are essential. To best explain this concept, we will divide it into three parts; (1) the network, (2) externalities and (3) the impact on you.

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