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Your needs – Our inspiration

Crescat is designed with the needs of every single person producing a live event in mind.

Now, what is Crescat?

Crescat is a network based production platform for live events, that facilitates collaboration and sharing. 

When producing a live event, information is a perishable good. Making sure that your crew, your suppliers, and your suppliers suppliers are up to date with the latest information, is a never ending struggle. Your live event management software should be more than just a personal tool; it should allow you to communicate with your entire production.

Don’t let your production plans be a hidden treasure,
switch to Crescat today!


One click away

Have your documents, daysheets, and production plans just one click away. Never worry about outdated information again.


your enitre production

Drive real-time collaboration and accountability, across all organizations, groups and personnel involved in your production.


and simple to use

You should not need to spend time understanding the software, our team have already spent countless hours understanding you.


We appreciate the commitment of our partners and contributors

Crescat is ready to be used. Join our news letter if you want more information, or contact us directly!

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